Real estate sales and purchases

Sale of investment plots in Kraków, Aleksandry Street (Bieżanów Nowy)

We offer for sale a complex of investment plots :

a) Plots with a total area of 2 810 m2, covered by the conditions for building a single-family semi-detached house - about 1 230 m2 of usable space. Plots flat, partly wooded.

b) A plot with an area of 1 444 m2, for a multi-family development of approximately 1 260 sq m. A flat plot, not wooded, with direct access to the completed road.

Sale of agricultural land Brzoskiwnia Gm. Zabierzow

We offer for sale a complex of agricultural plots in Brzoskwinia Gmina Zabierzów. Plots with a total area of 64.4867 ha. It is possible to sell in smaller complexes.

If you are interested, please contact us by e-mail: or by phone: Joanna Gronek tel. 695 270 472.